Premier Information

I think this is a decent service and very well presented. What I like about this service is that they bet on racing and football and I found if one was having a dip then often the other would make up for it. I found them helpful and decent people to deal with when it came to needing advice and it’s definitely one of the more genuine and solid services.

They are pretty selective and do not bet every day. Now and then when they hit a quiet spell it does get a bit frustrating. Although to be fair, they do have very busy spells too.

I found Chris Dean (who is one of the senior people) very willing to communicate and had some interesting conversations with him where I learned a lot about various aspects of racing. Similarly, he was always willing to email me with responses to questions and queries and I felt that I got a good education on racing as well as the tips themselves.

The blog articles they produce really helps to understand the complexities of the sport and are well worth reading. You can find them here – premier-information blogspot.

I came to realise that Premier Information operate a multi strategy approach. They clearly have decent contacts at certain stables and sometimes a bet will be based on inside information. Other times it will be based on statistics, form and trends. They tend not to go for really big prices which means losing runs are not difficult to bear. They will go for a short price if they think there is still an element of value in the price. However, not all bets are at short odds although bets at double figure prices are few and far between.

I have a soft spot for this service because the bets are well reasoned and they do not just present the tip. They give a bit of background to it and explain why the selection qualifies as a bet.

Premier Information may not suit those looking for big prices and infrequent winners. Those who look for the big wins and do not mind suffering long losing runs would probably be more suited to Henry Rix and others. (and I say that not for a minute suggesting that a lower strike rate service cannot be profitable).

Premier Information managed to maintain a good strike rate whilst I was with them and avoided long losing runs. For me that is important. I cannot stand long losing runs. It’s the sort of service you join and can end up taking it for granted. I got to thinking that maybe other services would garner me bigger profits. When the other services failed, it was then that I realised that Premier Information actually was one of the better more consistent services.

I enjoyed a good period with Premier and would recommend them as being one of the better services out there. In case you are wondering, I left Premier because the message time (which is usually 1230 – 1pm) became an issue for me at work. Plus they did not offer the service by email. I understand they do now offer the service by email and am thinking of going back to them at some point soon. If I do I will keep you posted.

Decent people to deal with. Very helpful at all times and I did make money. Keep checking in as I am looking to go back to them soon!