Henry Rix

Henry Rix is well known in racing circles and clearly operates a genuine service.

For a long time he wrote and tipped horses for the Racing Post and seems to have a good following. His tips often move the market considerably and is very well respected.

He has been a successful owner too and often has lined up horses for gambles. He has placed his horses with shrewd trainers who will campaign the horses with specific targets in mind.

Henry Rix has been crowned champion newspaper tipster on four occasions so is clearly doing something right.

I have absolutely no doubt that Henry Rix operates a professional service and has achieved profits. The problem for me when I was with him is the long losing runs. Henry does tend to go for the bigger priced selections and therefore will naturally have a fairly low strike rate. That does not stop him being profitable in the longer term but it does mean you have to suffer serious pain at times and I find the losing runs very hard to deal with.

Of course when a decent price winner comes along all faith is restored and I am sure in the long term it will work out. However, in practice I found it tough to follow at times.

I think it is fair to say that Henry’s strategy is not unlike Pricewise in the Racing Post. Pricewise gets lots of acclaim in the press and on tv when he hits a few big priced winners. However, all goes very quiet when a losing run of fifty plus occurs! I am not saying that Henry has or has not had a losing run that long himself but it is a similar strategy and you have to be prepared to keep going through the pain.

That is a temperament issue for me and in no way am I saying it is a poor service or one that will not garner profits. My personal conclusion is its genuine, professional and decent but a service that just does not suit me.

If you know what to expect and can handle the downside then I would not put off and I would not be surprised if you made money in the very long term.

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