Professional Advisory Services

With my partner and a close friend, we have tried a few professional tipsters.

Some have been better than others and I am including my take on a few of them.    Again, I intend to add a lot more content on this subject in the near future.     On the old site, a lot of you used to ask me to review different services so I know that using professional tipsters is popular.

It is important to give any tipster a fair crack of the whip.    They will all have some poor runs at times.   Some though, are more professional and more genuine than others.    I will give you a few names to stay well clear of as my content increases on the site.    However, I will always try to be fair in my assessments.

The following Services are the ones I have experience of:

John Davidson Private Subscription Service  (No website known)

Henry Rix   (

Alex Gorrie   (

Premier Information  (

Colin Davey  (no website known)


I intend to try the following services in the future:

Edward Knight

Equine Investments

David Edwards